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Engineering Services

GT Engineering is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm that provides services around the world. Our headquarters are in India and we provide local planning, engineering, and construction services.

Founded in 2021, GT Engineering has built a reputation for high-quality, cost-effective projects, resulting in satisfied clientele. We provide services to a multitude of clients, including municipalities, government agencies, commercial investors, development authorities, and many others.

We are committed to recruiting and retaining professionals of high integrity and technical ability.

Our Services

Customers across diverse industries turn to GT Engineering to solve complex engineering challenges. From helping to design a new-generation aircraft engine that delivers game-changing environmental performance, to developing a 100-ton cross-terrain truck crane for market in record time, we share our customers’ passion for engineering excellence.


Optimize your manufacturing analysis capabilities with conventional and advanced numerical simulations, including finite element/volume/difference, discrete element, and boundary element methods. We provide multi-physics solutions to help clients achieve the ideal weight, volume, manufacturing costs, and time-to-market for products. Our expertise in this domain spans structural, thermal, CFD, mold flow, electromagnetic, and multi-body dynamics analysis.


Design and develop your electrical systems optimally by leveraging our capabilities across calculations and network analysis, load list, and single-line diagrams, electrical layouts, power distribution, equipment, and component sizing, substation engineering, lighting, earthing, lightning and grounding calculation, voltage drop and cable sizing, cable schedule, cable tray layouts, system studies; relay coordination; detailed engineering.


Enhance your product design processes with our comprehensive solutions from concept initiation to release of production drawings within mechanical designs. Our iterative design process validates design specifications at each stage of the life cycle.

Our Services

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GT Engineering creates value for any engineering project, providing just-in-time access to expertise in a variety of fields.


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